Tuesday, November 17, 2009

One-day Mataram! Copyright ©

One-day Mataram!

26th or the 15th,
Does it matter?
Just dates of the calender.
Saffron Green and White
Does it matter?
just colors that glitter.
National parades or ministerial clatter
Does it matter?
just shows of the latter.
population explosion or economic shatter
Does it matter?
just everyday banter
Nothing matters to us more than a day
our memory is so short,that's our forte`
and on that day, let us sing in tandem
ONE-DAY Mataram! ONE-DAY Mataram!

National anthem,patriotism and motherland,
terrorism,corruption and pollution on the other hand.
Gandhi,Subhash and Pandit Nehru,
Slain Unnikrishnan and Aman Kachru.
Swadeshi, khadi and our own Marrutti
against, Reebok, Nike , Coke and Pepsi
Gucci is good,jhola is bad,
Malls are the best thing we ever had.
Marlon Brando a legend, Amitabh an "outsider"
Team India are losers and Australia- a fighter.
"Foran" is cool, desi is cheap,
Bollywood is sham, Hollywood is deep.
Ma-Pitaji is out of fashion,
In vogue is MOM and DAD.
"Mom, not with the salwar-kameez"
I want one who is Jeans clad!
Virginity is no longer a virtue,
but a lack of opportunity.
hey dude we belong to the "uncle's" fraternity.
Diwali is not what we choose,
but Thanksgiving, turkey and angrezi booze.
'Thanks for calling your own BPO's,
we will be happy to listen to all the FO's
Just give us lotsa "daalars",
we will be on our toes.
We are just one more babe in your Harem
for us its always
ONE-DAY Mataram ! ONE-DAY Mataram!

Yo Bro! Yo sis, If that's how you'll listen
Do something to this place
check to see what tis' missin'
Bill Buffet nor Warren Gates
Aint'gonna decide our F**ing fates.
Sl(a)m the Dog, and win the race
Make the world run at your pace.
Don't go there but bring em here,
Not New York but Nehru Place.
Take the oath everywhere,
say the Mataram in your prayer.
Let her shine like the golden bird again,
More than the dollar or the euro or the yen.
Take pride in what you are,
show the world you're not far.
Let the ONE-DAY be on the field,
and the Mataram never yield.
Even if your daily thoughts
are organized or chaotic or random
let them always be