Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Please Forgive Me! Copyright ©.

Hey! All my loved ones

Forgive me for being away

And for my moods which so often sway

Forgive me for my lost innocence

But it’s only to hide my incompetence

Only to mask the pain rendered

By my failed persistence

Forgive me if I am rude

It’s only that I feel shy

Only, not to show that I can’t reach the sky

Forgive me!

I never want to show you my pain

Or my efforts which, so often, go in vain

I just want you to see

The audacity of hope I used to show

The confidence with which

My face used to glow

I only want you to see the real me

Beaming with vigor, who never lets go

I only want to make you believe

That you can depend on me

As a mother, father, sister and “love”ly

I don’t want you to see when I crumble

Or hear, the nasty things I mumble

I want you to see only the winning horse you raised

And not the one injured pony whose time has phased

Forgive me for staying alone

It’s just that I want to deal with this on my own

Forgive me!

If I find a way to get past these dungeons

If the dead confidence again burgeons

And I again see the sun

I promise, again I will be all fun

Smiling and beaming and shining

Like your “silver lining”

But till then forgive me

And if I don’t come back

And never come out

I promise.. “Help! Help!”

I will never shout.

But I love you and will always do

Even if the skies are dark or shining blue

I will always love you

But again!

That’s only if

If not.. then if you can


Forgive me

Forgive me

Forgive me!

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