Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I just could not..........commit suicide! Copyright ©.

Today I tried so hard, not to write

I tried so hard, not to fight

Just to let go off the thoughts

Which, once were friends

But lately acted as foes

The arrows of ideas

And creative bows

But I could not

Being born of a fighter

Showed me the light

Born of a tigress

Who never let go of the “Pride”

I could not stop

I can’t lie now , I have to say

It did cross my mind many a time

To end it once and for all

To commit suicide

Maybe because I lost my faith

That I could swim across the tide

That I didn’t have it in me

To take the beatings and bear the pain

But then friends slapped me back and said

It’s not about waiting for the storm to pass

It’s about learning to dance in the rain.

“It’s impossible”- cried out Reason

“It’s absurd”-said experience

“It’s useless “- cut of pride

“Try…”whispered Dream

I listened to the dream for guidance

And looked at death with defiance

“You won’t have me so easy”, I said

Let me Try and then we will see

Whether you still want to take me away

Or let my name be stamped in history.

And I could not….

Not counting the minutes

But making each minute count

Is, what I am doing now

I will make it to where I have to

Don’t ask me how

Cannot let the target get

Out of focus anymore

Cannot let the exciting present

Be ruined because of the days of yore

Cannot let the dream so easily crumble

Will take the beatings, no matter how much I stumble

That is what they made me for

One who, just cannot throw away

One who, just cannot give way

One who, will not

One who, can not

One who could not……………..!!!!!

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