Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Balancing Act! Copyright ©

The first balance you ever tried
Was to walk on your own with a big stride
The first time you acted
When you faked and cried
To get attention
Come adolescence
And you knew you had the genes
For juggling and
In your pocket laid
Your histrionic beans
Not before you reached your teens
You performed your first play
Your scene one
You managed girlfriends,grades
And was stamped an “obedient son”
Stepping into youth,
It was a matter of fact
You had become the master
Of the worldly balancing act!

Boss in the office and
Boss at home
When all you wanted
Was to build your own little Rome
Fake smiling
And artificially warmed hugs
Juggling between being the office doormat
And house hold rugs
You have made it mate
You have written with golden words
Your shining fate
But with this is your dream, your soul
Still intact
Even if you’ve become an expert
At the balancing act?

It was all about balancing
And all about acting
The better you’d balanced
The better you’d sustain
The better you’d let go
The persistent pain
The better you’d acted
The more they’d love you
The lesser they’d poke
The lesser they’d shove you
But is this balance
You really seek
Are you this frail?
Are you this weak?
That you’d want to let go off
The tiny dream you so privately nurtured
With all the balancing and acting
See what you have cultured
A docile, spineless puppet
How low has your self- respect
You’ve left to plummet
It’s lost, it’s gone
And that’s the fact
And now with your soul
You can’t even interact
And all because of this
Worldly balancing act.

Balance is necessary, I agree
But not at the cost of being free
Not , that you have to let go of your dream
Not that you will kill your self-esteem
Be true to yourself and to the world around
Only then will your act be profound
Only then will your balance be attained
And your place in history inked and sustained
Hold your own, hold it high
Straighten your back
Even if they mock you
And at first you feel shy
Keep the faith and keep it strong
Balancing and acting would not take you long
Tighten your belts and face the stage
Like a king and not a page
Speak your mind ,loud and clear
Just the truth and not to attract
Enough of this balancing act
Enough of this balancing act
Enough of this balancing act!

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Laraib Saleem said...

Your are too good Anupam...this was one of the finest piece of work i guess compare to the poetry u sent me earlier...too good..Thumbs Up:)