Friday, May 7, 2010

Publish me!!! Copyright ©.

Publish me

For, I am the voice

Inside you

The unique experience

Which you’ve had

The vent

When you’ve been sad

The cry, when you win

And want to tell the world and sing

I am your conscience

Sometimes your soul

Sometimes the story

Which, remained untold

Publish me for I am you

And your own

Publish me !

Publish me, make it known

Whatever you have been ever shown

Whatever, is inside

Angst, hatred, exhilaration or pride

Blow the world with your thought

Let the mighty pen find

Whatever you ever sought

Publish me

For, I am the wakeup call

For civilizations on a downfall

I am the gong of the youth

The bugle of the old

The slap on the cheeks of

Those who let their soul get sold

The warm hug of the estranged mother

Who, her children, could never hold

The proud look on the fathers face

The consoling smile of the sibling and their embrace

I am the revolt against the

Indignation, scorn and defeat you’ve born

The very sword to which

Allegiance you’ve sworn.

Make me heard, make me known

Don’t suppress me

Publish me!

Publish me today

So that tomorrow

When you look behind

And your path is defined

When you connect the dots

You will not regret

That you did say what you had to

When the time was right

You didn’t fear and didn’t let

The goal out of your sight

So take heed now and

Show the world what you feel

What you think and what you see

Publish me!

Publish me!

Publish me!

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