Friday, May 21, 2010

Sweet Flower ! Copyright ©

I had always wished
For a person who
Would resemble
A beautiful flower of spring
Whose opened petals
Would,a smile to my face, bring
Whose fragrance would remind
Me of youth
And the bright colors
Of her being would
Fill my life with sweetened truth

In this quest of that flower
I saw her
Dancing in the rain
Bright beautiful smile
And a twinkle in her eye
Which made my heart
Stop for a while
I came close to her
To make her mine
And to take her in
My arms and fly away
So far
But when I came closer
I saw that her beauty
Was because she was rooted
To the ground
The flower could not be won
Or taken home to be put in the flower pot
Her beauty , which had made me smile
was because she could not be taken
people like me could try
but it would not be shaken

And now I dream of her
That I wake up
And one day she is next to me
But I know that
That flower could only be mine
If she wanted to be
But even if she is mine
One day, it doesn’t matter
What matters is her smile
And the twinkle in her eye

Oh sweet flower may you
Always spread the intoxication
And spell bound
Men like me
So that they can
Live and feel the purity
Of spring
And the happiness
You bring
Oh sweet flower
Sweet flower I will always love you
I want to sing

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