Friday, November 7, 2008

Yes We Can ! Copyright ©

He did it,
Yes we can.

Black, white, Hispanic,Asian,
Disabled and Veteran,
Troubled, confused, terrified and anxious,
Happy, confident, successful and rambunctious
He did it,
Yes we can!

Resume`s, cover letters, interviews and rejection,
Molten economy and potential "depression".
Frozen hiring and jobs declining,
Laid off workers and companies whining.
Dow crying, NASDAQ dying,
Stocks, debentures, mortgages and loans,
All failing while the public moans.
Foreclosure, bankruptcy,mergers and Bailouts,
Democrats, republicans and all political touts.
Trying times for us and all,
Yet should we wait and stand tall?
And wait for him to pull our rope?
Well, why not?
He did it
Yes we can!

Uncle Sam, Stars and Stripes,
He the piper and we the pipes.
Huffing, puffing tired and wasted,
8 years of defeat tasted.
Let him catch his breath and run,
We will again witness the fun.
Dow will soar, NASDAQ will rise,
Again leaving us all surprised.
Hold your own, hold it high,
Hold it till the trials go by.
Hold the string, hold it tight,
I Promise it will be worth the fight.
Wait, watch and behold,
Wait till the bounties unfold.

He stood, he waited,
And then he ran....
If he did it,


kshitij said...

good one buddy!

Anupam Dhyani said...

Thanks!This won the first prize in Michigan State University.

Aparna Sharma said...

tum bahut aachha likhte ho...continue the good work dear.....

nupur said...

meticulously framed expressions...
mst say..u difrnt..sure hv to go long way!!!