Monday, May 20, 2013

Life is real, and so is love..... Copyright(C)

You bring tears to my eyes
But I refuse to cry
I will hold them till they fill
The dam
I will hold them and see how tough I am
Dreams of togetherness
Are all I conjured
With you with me
Castles we conquered
But alas,
Those castles were in dreams
The dam is real
The lovely togetherness was blissful
The loneliness is real
The towers we built, brick by brick
The lamp of love we lit, with a never ending wick
Seems flickering
This darkness, this pain is real

But what shall I say?

I dreamt of flying together
To that end of the sky and this
To flock together and float in nuptial bliss
But dreams shatter
And such is life
A constant struggle... A recurring strife
Dreams are like ice
Melting in their own water
Life is real
But I refuse to stop dreaming
And I refuse to let them go
I refuse to bow down to destiny
I refuse to let go

You loved me, I loved you and that was all that mattered
But now the heart is incapable of love , incapable to shatter
Because its already shattered
And the shards puncture no more
Because for eternity, you will be the quenching wave and I will be the thirsty shore

I refuse to give in, till I break
I believe in the dreams
And have put my life at stake
Beyond gods and demons
Beyond life and death
Beyond eternity
Beyond the sky's extremity
I will dream
Even if my words will be nothing but a requiem
I shall dream
Dreams of being together
Dreams of building castles
Dreams of love
Love is real
And not a dream

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