Friday, August 20, 2010

Oh !....It does Copyright ©

Oh it hurts….it does
Oh my heart aches …It does
When you say I don’t love you
When I can see it in your eyes
It pains when you say , I don’t care
When I can feel the pain in your good byes
Oh it does….

You leave every day and I let you go
Because I know no matter what you say
I will get you back tomorrow
Then, why
Why do I weep every night?
Why do you let me?
Why don’t you come and embrace
And say “I love thee”
You know it does affect me
When you want to say it and you don’t
Oh ….it does

My heartbeats are high
My mouth is dry
I stumble, I fall…. I just don’t show you
Because boys don’t cry
But it is killing me inside
And it’s too difficult to hide
But I can’t say it to you
And hence, here I confide
You are the only one who has the power
to make me smile with just your facial glow
and make those tears flow
I don’t know how to break free, release
Cuz you affect me as a disease
You do
And it affects me …oh it does

Come to me and let me show you
What love is
Come to me and make you believe
What faith is
And then once you’ve seen, you’ve felt
You would know what I go through
When you go
And will understand what it does to you
Oh trust me it does

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