Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Parenthood ! Copyright ©

For new, old and future parents !


responsibility came to me
in the form of a flower pot
beautiful purple flowers
emanating freedom like a new born
leaves bright green, confident and reborn
she had said
i give you this to take care
i have its cousin, the other pair
nurture it with the love u got
like baby this is , our flower pot

i was not ready for this parenthood
but i thought she wants to see
how good of a dad i could be
how much love i could give it wholeheartedly
because motherhood, to her, came naturally
i said to myself that i might fail
but i will give it my best shot
to that crimson red flower pot

i placed it in the balcony
to nurture it with the sunlight of love
it would grow happy and healthy
with blessings from the sky above
and then.......
the first flower shed
fallen to the ground
i had failed as i parent, i thought
i am sorry my poor baby, my flower pot

but i wanted it to live and to thrive
to emanate that beautiful vibe, to survive
so i replenished it with water
and cleaned its body
gave it some more sun
looked at it for hours
and thought about its cousin
am i being as good as she wanted me to be
how is its cousin fairing, better than me?
i was scared that when she would come
and see the withered leaves
she would sadden and judge my parenthood
oh my heart grieves

it was dying, my baby
sick and withered and wilted
i had failed
i woke up one night to see
how i could revive
would it , my carelessness, survive
like a father i was sad
but i had to give it hope, like a dad
so i gave it love
and then it smiled
it is still a little sick
but i will get it to live
i will teach it how to give
when to
when to not
oh my love, my flower pot

last night i wondered about its cousin
how was it being raised
had it been beaming with radiance
oh i would be so amazed
so i called the mother to check on it
to ask if our little one was awake
was it smiling
or taking a break
i was told that it was dead
the day it was born
it had a short sojourn
its death had not been mourned
i was questioning my parenthood
all this while
feeling bad that i had failed
when the other ship had never sailed

i wish the cousin had survived
and she would have loved it
but i know she was not ready for this
but neither was I
her love had made me do what
i was so afraid of
i guess this is how you learn
with certain losses , you earn
the good thing is
that one of the kids has survived
and our love has thrived
so we will nurture this little one
and share its growing fun
will love it like parents should
we will now definitely
mature in parenthood.!

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