Friday, October 14, 2011

I hate my gun~ Pardon Me!!!! Copyright ©

words are like bullets, and i have a loaded gun
of sarcasm, wit and a condescending pun
i know the damage gets done and healing needs time
even though the intent of shooting was never mine
but ...i shot, pulled the trigger without knowing
and now the wounds are showing

so what should i say, or do i say at all
i want to throw this weapon , so i never shoot at all
but it was given to me , its use never told
i took it for granted, thinking i would never shoot
bleed people and then clear the barrel off the soot
i never knew what damage it could do.
before i killed many, hurt many with my words
tearing the heart with these powerful swords

to have a gun is not good in it self
to be able to shoot is not the only talent
knowing, when to shoot and how to
is what i need to learn
to be able to, this secret, discern
but, not using it is like a talent wasted
having the the cake, but never tasted
so, use, i will
but, use, it with caution , is what i will do
otherwise put it away

so pardon me ,all wounded
pardon me for all I've done.
unknowingly , when i shot the gun
now i know , what damage these bullets can do
now i know , what destruction can result
now i know, how it bleeds
how these words, a victim, treats
so pardon me , i will take heed
won't shoot , without a desperate need
even though my intent is right
i am throwing this gun out of my sight
will bring it when need be
till then....pardon me
till then....pardon me
till then....pardon me !!!!

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