Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy Birthday ! Copyright ©

27 years in the sands of time
Traveling alone without a dime
Seeing the world with naïve eyes
Treading along with no purposeful premise
I met my fate

Moment of clarity
As to why was I born
Came to me as God’s charity
Who was I ?
Where must I go?
Who’s my friend who’s my foe?

Must I win or must I lose?
What destiny should I chose?
Where must I begin?
Where must it end?
What colors of life,
Should I blend?

27 seems a long time
but this day of the winter
I touched the sublime
The very purpose of my climb
I hope I can do what I know, I must,
Whether they believe or they distrust!
Whether I prevail or I plummet
Even if I don’t reach the summit
I must.

I was born again this day
After 27 years of dismay
The twinkle in my eye is bright
Today’s sunshine ,what a sight
I will grow up once again
Will not let the next 27 go in vain.

Happy Birthday again and again.

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