Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Have you Ever…….? I Have! Copyright ©

Have you ever ,
Ever felt this way
There is no time
And so much to say
So much to do
Before that day?

Have you ever,
Ever felt that your heart pounds
So loud that you could
Hear no other sounds
Have you ever felt
That you feet give way
And your confidence goes astray?
Have you ever felt that you have
Lost everything you had
And you have nothing more to loose
The thought of it does not even make you mad?
Have you ever
Found your self in the category of “lost”
Just being able to perform the mundane
Duties at the most.
When your body is alive
But your “self” is elusive
And all you want is to be reclusive.
I have.

Have you ever
Woken up one day
And those thoughts don’t hound
You move from “lost”
to “lost and found”.
Have you ever
Felt that there was never
A brighter sun in the sky
And all you wanted was to fly
To shout “ up up and away”
You exactly knew where your joy lay.
Sometimes I have
I want to “know” more
To continue to open the door
And once I do
I will say it loud………


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