Friday, January 22, 2010

What happened to ME? Copyright ©

All what I did in my adolescence,

With all my heart and persistence

Was finding ways to help the world

To change things and my own existence.

All was learnt from historical tomes,

Of moral behavior written in poetic tones,

Of valor and kindness, fortitude and bravery,

Of friendship, love, kinship and chivalry.

Come youth, time for testing these words and thoughts

Experimenting and finding faults.

To see whether they hold the meaning

Whether these are as rich

Or they require weaning

Alas! We learned how to barter

In friendship, everything had a price

Chivalry was killed when “they” needed, equal rights.

Love, became

Loss Of Valuable Energy

Carnal companionship took its place

Kinship was murdered

People would no longer embrace.

What happened to me

Did I still believe

Or was I in the same bandwagon

Of thieves?

Was I still aware

Of the love in the air

And the childhood friendship

That I could never compare?

I was confused

Troubled and bruised

By this transformation

And how the world cruised.

I had to find the answer

To what would happen to me

Would I still believe or would i let it be

Continue with the adulteration

In my spirit and mind

And let the things be which I left behind

Or would I spring back and try

To restore my corrupted conscience

And let my beliefs soar high?

I knew the answer

To where I belong

What was right and what was wrong

But would it do any good

To move against the tide

Where everyone

Was rich, successful and happy

But their spirit had died

How much time would it take

Before I could muster the courage

And live on my own terms

What would it cost

Infamy, scorn ?

What would hurt the most?

Whatever it be

Whatever it takes

Will do

But the answer to the question

Would remain unanswered

What happened to me?

Why me?

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