Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I can never say Good Bye! Copyright ©

I can never say good bye!
I can never even try
To look into her eyes
And smile,
To shake her hand and hold her tight
And still say bye bye, bye bye!

To let go of the bright sunshine
The rainbow and the sea
To let go of the warmth
Of her hands in my pocket
The bridge in front of her house
Over Salford quay.
I can never say bye bye!

No matter how hard she tries
No matter how much she cries
No matter how easy its for her
Even if her memory of me
Is just a blur
I will kindle it again
And never let it wane.
I can never say bye bye!

Apologies for the fights
For waking you up all nights
For letting those tears flow
For not noticing your facial glow
Sorry for the pain
Kill me if I do it again
Don’t go ! I will die
Cuz you know …
I can never say good bye!


nupur said...

happy to c such beutiful feelings!!! neva thot u 2 b so tender deep down with ur feelings...

Harsh Nema said...