Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Learning how to let go!! Copyright ©

saying "you must let go"

is so simple

seems like the placidity on the surface of the ocean

without a ripple

I tried


I DIED.....

i tried to let of your thought

i had to hold my breath for that

but even in the space between the stopped breath

i saw your smile


and i breathed again..

i tried to let go of the sense of your touch

to peel it of my skin

i tried , but the skin came off

pain was my kin

but to no avail

the sense was deeply ingrained

the sensation was stamped for ever

i tried to let go of your smell

from my body

and it didn't work

your smell was like musk on a deer

i kept looking where was it coming for

i just could not let it go

letting go

is a philosopher's phrase

not a person in love

not a person who is passionate

to live his love

so i did try to let go

to "move on"

but all i could do was to

grow fonder of you

and now

i am successful in 'letting go"

of the thought to "let go"

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Lily said...

love the poems.. there beautiful