Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Special!!!Copyright ©

No bouquets of Roses
No "I love you" overdoses
No seven seas to be crossed
Nothing so special this valentine
No claims of making you mine...
Just being in your company
Makes me sing this from cloud nine

You must be waiting to get sweet messages
Or roses or heart shaped chocolates
But my love
I have nothing to give you this Valentine
Just this phrase
"your presence in my life ~ divine

Each day passes with
the eagerness to be in your arms
Each breath struggles to
breathe your fragrance
No day can be marked in
the calender as a day of
my love for you
I wish i could express how my love
for you grew

so don't be jealous of the
girls who get "valentines' specials" today
they seem to feel special just this day
but you , my love
were my valentine yesterday,
are today
and will remain

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