Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Are we so different???Copyright ©

awkward feathers
strange gait
our flights were chosen
by the same fate
sharp talons
unusual beaks
we were destined
to soar above peaks
we were separated from
the world we knew
till, together we flew

we are just two birds
different from our flocks
but when together
we are eagles,
we are hawks

drawn by the vastness of
the immense sky
forced by the urge to
soar higher and high
my companion, we are
birds who cannot be caged
with norms or rules of fright
our feathers are just too bright

so if you feel we are different
we are not, u will know
as our journey goes by
we are just two birds who
look differently at the same sky

let our wings do the talking
let the winds draw us near
let us just soar , let us just fly
our pace, our flight may be different
but we are birds of the same sky
birds of the same sky
birds of the same sky!

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