Saturday, March 26, 2011

GREASE! Copyright ©

this oily surface
on this existence of mine
each layer spread with
the darkness of grime
every event leaves a new layer
always...an un-answered prayer
this grease which has
layered itself on my soul
nothing can wipe it away
no acid.... no base
i am just locked inside
my greasy case

and they ask me why i am so rude
so vane and so crude
that why i always run away
and keep love at bay
well what else do I do
these horrifying murals
on the wall of my soul
look at me all the time
when these ghosts
i constantly battle
come alive and rattle

i tried to wipe this off of me
a number of occasions
but it seems to get thicker
creating abrasions
Oh! this grease
this grease of pain
this grease of constant disdain
this grease of betrayal
grease of pretensions
this grease , this unease
wipe it away someone
wipe it please
wipe it please
wipe it please

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