Monday, March 28, 2011

Two weeks it is! Copyright ©

she asked me if i could give her
two weeks off
two weeks of my presence
in her life
so that she could get answers
to the questions which arose
when i stepped into her life
and she froze
questions which would give her
some directions
answers which would clear the
and then she left
left for a cause so big
she was convinced
she HAD to dig

and here i am
waiting for the two weeks to get over
for the answers which she said she would get
the assumed serenity i have on my face
could become pandemonium
the placidity in my soul
could become a storm
the answers might make the sky fall
or they might make our love stand tall
curled anticipation
covered anxiety
might all unfurl
i could bleed
or it could plant a new seed
so I wait
wait till it unfolds

whenever paths cross like this
there are questions
and answers which may not
entirely be satisfying
its imperative though, to chose
in the cross roads
than indecisively dying

so i wait for the two weeks to be over
either there will be sunshine
or stormy clouds will hover
my patience can walk me through
even though the heart is now pounding
it may resound of symphonic cymbals sounding
and i wait eagerly for this
if two weeks it is
then two weeks it is
two weeks it is!

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