Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Oops ! she did it again ..Copyright ©

she did it again
and I let it be
who is to blame
her or me
i held her hand
didnt let it go
took a stand
and let it grow
but she did it again
left me and went

it is not the first time
this angst has scaled
its not the first time
i've asked for sunshine
and it has hailed
its not the first time
she has gone
and not the first time
my conviction has failed

i wonder why this happens
when my throat is dry
it never rains
even without wounds
it pains
i wonder why it is always
wonder why i am perpetually unstable
why do i always want grapes
when i can drink the wine
why do i always get blunter
each time i want to shine

well never mind
i shall wake up tomorrow
leaving all this behind
try to reach the grapes
all over again
because i don't want the wine
i may be blunt
but i will one day shine
i love the sunshine
but i dont mind the rain
i won't give up trying
even if it is
Ooops! she did it again!

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