Thursday, April 21, 2011

BURNT HEARTS!! Copyright ©

and she said, she has forgotten
love was elusive and was begotten
and her eyes........
they spilled it all
her puckered lips did it all
she thought she knew the arts
of hiding
the scars from burnt hearts

improper ways to snatch away
cardinal truths from her heart she tried
to every possible way of pushing away she tried
never shed a tear, but her face cried
that was her love m her love so pure
oh the depth
that she never wept

no matter how hurting were the broken shards
she never let out her cards
she called it a false start
but it was just the burnt heart

and me.....
observing, yearning, learning
weeping and discerning

raping the purity, questioning and accusing
the fate and the gloom
anticipating the doom
never knew , never fathomed
never grasped the calmness on her face
not her mercy , nor her grace
she was in love , deeply with me

but she chose to just let it be

this bent future
this skewed fate
the crumbled hope
slow heart rate
were swept away
by her eyes
like the moon
brightens up the skies
and i knew what was in store for me

i will make my own destiny
so long
sleepless nights
so long scary heights
so long pointy darts
so long burnt hearts

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