Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"Cross"- Check! Copyright ©

in these troubled times of heart and soul
with my hands empty and my empty bowl
i ran
ran over to the "available" gods
to find solace and salvation
to "cross"-check with each one
whether i will be in line for damnation

churches, temples and mosques
to holy places , to synagogues
to holy men and righteous souls
to friends , family and foes
the quest was to address the storm
in my heart , in my soul
chest heaving and swollen veins
running blood while my soul drains
i ran
ran till i could not run anymore
and then there was the calm
i was scared it was the lull
before the storm
but it was the eventuality which i was to reach
the moment i was born

the greater truth, the baptizing water
the manna from the heavens
and God spoke from within
the voice was loud and clear
the vibration was divine
just like the "last supper"'s bread
just like the holy wine
it said
you ran all your life to seek
seek Me and Me alone
you left the loved ones
to be embodied in My flesh and bone
you failed Me my son
it was Love with which the world was begun
Love which I asked you to spread
Love enough to give away your bread
Love to bring a smile to the faces
of My children , your brothers
Love to bring pride to your father
and joy to your mothers

Glorify the life to Glorify my name
Love life and live it through
let not a moment be of shame
for you have My power from within
to chase every storm
and fill your cup with the rain
so Love and Love alone
shine like the Sun, I created, shone
From Dust you were born
to Dust thou returneth
but Love alone in the midst
you sustaineth

for you , for Me and for all ever born
to Love and Love alone be sworn
thy cup runneth over , thy chalice overflows
when Love your heart bestows
Love thy neighbor , as thyself
You will Glorify Me, my children and yourself
Love, Love and Love My Son
your Journey and just begun
Love , Love and Love My Son

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