Monday, April 11, 2011

Sinking Ships! Copyright ©

The SOS signal went out yet again
into the vast ocean of uncertainty
Good morning it was to be
but the heart just sank
not even having time to put down the anchor
not enough to reach the bank
i saw it sinking
and it sank

oh gracious God, i know you want me to learn
learn how to swim the tides to reach across
where lies the beautiful white sand
where lies eternity,
but if i sink each day with salty memories
and chilly spine
just have numbness and brine
the warmth in my lowly heart might faze away
my faith, my hope might go astray
i would sink till the bottom one day
and never be able to rise
i would into oblivion , capsize

sinking ships are hard to save
they have already decided to sink
they would go down
before the moment even blinks
i have been the captain of many sinking ships
that reality is what my soul grips
i know not what makes ships sail anymore
i know not how beautiful is that shore.
a captain with a history of sunken ships
is not a captain anymore
no more flying flags no more uproar

so long sailing
so long shores
so long sails and masts
so long clear skies
so long over casts
holes all along the starboard
rivets giving way
battered keel
ships loosing direction, loosing its way
so long eternity
so long breath

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