Monday, April 18, 2011

Walls! Copyright ©

I wonder what walls think
we all speak to them
but they never blink
they never shake or ooze
a tear
maybe for them everything is crystal clear
do they have emotions or none at all
how can they give structure and stand tall
I bet they have a lot to say
of things they've witnessed
of history which is gray
but they don't

I have talked to walls many a time
wept, shouted , laughed and mimed
vented, slapped, and cried out loud
but they don't seem to move the shroud
the shroud of muteness
the shroud of calmness
of patience, of apathy
of stories they hide
about which sometimes they lied
oh what deep dismay
but they....
....never say

how about when
an un-stoppable force like me
meets these immovable objects
objects of melancholy, objects of secretive glee
would these walls, speak
would they emote
or would the force give way and choke its own throat?
its worth an attempt
when your life is at the crossroads
crossroads which are
in-congruently bent
when belief is in question
when answers are astray
would they ever say

those perfect corners
those smooth finishes
those smells of paints
those secret of saints
the cardinal hidden truths
of sages and brutes
speak to me oh walls
speak to me one day
speak like the sunshine
like the celestial array
please say ..
walls please say

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