Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Come Burn with Me.!! Copyright ©

when will you understand
that the sun sets in my life when
you are not there to brighten it
when will you understand
that the night rejects me when
your facial moon refuses to shine
when will you feel the
burning desire within me which
makes everything into ashes
if its not kindled in your name
when will you fathom the deepness of my passion
that engulfs me, my being, drives me insane

black, ashes every where inside me
bleakness shrouds
the sunshine which brightens my soul
is behind these clouds
you ask me what do I possess
love for you or claiming you to make you mine
well , god's honest truth
there is a fine line
passion bellows in the heart
crawls into the deepest corners of me
and that passion is only for thee
like the Romeos of history, i have no desire
i love only like my own internal fire

masturbating souls, gratifying goals
fleeting desires, funeral pyres
power of the throne, fire flying drone
volcanic eruptions, voluptuous plans
magnanimous dreams, death's dance
frictional fury, doomsday jury
naked boldness, blunt truths
hurting candor , forbidden fruits
all feel pale, when in presence of my passion
my passion, for you my love..

but when will you understand the intensity
i must not wait for u to understand,
i must ask u to immerse , immerse in this
intoxication with me
dive into the blood vessels and streams
to drown in this intensity
intensity enough to live till eternity
more than the Juliets of history
so come, my love... and dive
let this volcano thrive
let this inferno of passion rule thrones
let our passions be palindromes
for you are me and and i am yours
only us can settle our scores...
the battling differences can melt in this fire
the unequally yoked can be yoked in this desire
you just have to close your eyes
and let yourself flow free in me
for thine is this life, and this life is thee
for thine is this life, and this life is thee!!
come burn with me
come burn with me!!

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