Tuesday, June 28, 2011

SNOOZED !! Copyright ©

early mornings and confusing thoughts
dreams just ending and suddenly comfortable cots
ringing ,in the back ground, the alarm clocks
clamoring in the head, last night's booze
and what do i do....
i hit the snooze

she called me and kept doing that
waking me up when i wanted to sleep
in the comfort zone i like to keep
but the calls kept coming
the sounds kept drumming
and what do i choose
i hit the snooze

every time life came at me when i was asleep
to wake me up from the dream , i wanted to keep
i snoozed it , 'cuz i was a coward
wanted to stay under the blanket's warmth
and never tread the paths which i didn't understand
i was not ready to hold life's hand
was afraid of the poison it had promised
i was not ready for the nectar it had to offer, to ooze
and what do i do
i hit the snooze

a very democratic way to chose what life has to offer
is to snooze
to remain in the cocoon of sweetness
and not risking to see life's muse
and that's why we snooze

today was not just a wake up call by her
it was a call from the wild
life calling at me and waking me up to my feet
the tendency was to hit the button again and snooze
but i knew it was not what HE chose
so i let it ring "woke up" and rose
bewilderment , anxiety and bemuse
but heck yeah...that's the way to live....
that's what you should choose
and not to snooze!
not to snooze!
not to snooze!


Anonymous said...

"it was a call from the wild
life calling at me and waking me up to my feet"... nice!

Anonymous said...

Previous layout was far better Mr. Dhyani....