Thursday, January 20, 2011

It does not Matter......!!! Copyright ©

it does not really matter
if you have all these clustered thoughts
these confusions
that this love has brought
all you have to do is believe
in the goodness and godliness
of people who love
because love is all above

i know it is hard for you to fathom
my love and my devotion for thee
i know its tearing you apart
to understand the purpose HE has
but let me tell you one thing and one thing alone
nothing did shine in my life like you have shone
it does not matter how i feel
all i know is you are the one
all bliss, all happiness and all the fun

so even though you have these conflicts of
the mind and heart
i know you know it from the very start
that i am not ready and will never be ready to part
it may seem absurd
but like every living soul for me too
HE is the shepherd and i am one of his herd

i am sure you will know this
one of these days
and then your heart will too be ablaze
of the love i have kindled
you will be free and not bundled
till that time........
it doesn't matter if i am fine
cuz i know you will be mine
you will be mine
you will be mine!

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