Sunday, January 30, 2011

The most silent silence!Copyright ©

this silence of yours is deafening
it hits me when i am alone
it chills me to the bone
but when i am guided elsewhere
i go for it for guidance
oh ! these closed doors
Oh! this most silent silence

But remember
i promised i would be always there
never leaving you in any way
so i will be there with you in this silence too
and maybe my silence breaks yours
maybe my tears
make the barren sands in my existence
make them replenished shores

this name and recognition of my words
however small they may be
i will save the words till you break your silence
save it till you come and embrace me

let this be the silence of my poetic semblance too
my words would not sing no more
my words would remain in my heart
i will let this silence be , silence to the core
when you will come back
i will sing you couplets of the yore
sonnets of time gone by
poems of my time spent with you, oh so pure

your silence is my silence too
the burden you bear
i shall share it with you
because i promised to love you
for ever
till my existence
my silent prayers
most silent silence
most silent silence
most silent silence!

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