Monday, January 24, 2011

Unparalleled Parallelism.........Copyright ©

why when the two train tracks
going to the same end
same direction
same directional trend
never meet?

their paths are the same
and to eternity distanced
they remain
why this chasm
why this unparalleled parallelism

this is because
one is not complete
without the other
both rails can not function
if they do not function together
even though similar in nature
they never..converge
but they are still together
but do not even diverge

this is how the nuptial companionship works
both come together for the same function
but have their individuality maintained
they go to their destination together
and that's how the togetherness is sustained

so all you people who are in the nuptial bond
and feel that the other does not respond
remind yourself to accept the parallelism
and maintain the closeness
and not mistake it to be a chasm
for you are the same in function
even though never fully you meet
but you carry the life's train
so effortlessly
and the end you happily greet

this small distance between you
is the space that you need to
love and respect and grow with each other
your paths lead the same way
never forget
togetherness this way is a magnificent prism
your job is to
respect and understand this
unparalleled parallelism
unparalleled parallelism
unparalleled parallelism!

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