Thursday, January 13, 2011

WTF......Copyright (c)

its not what you think it is

it is what i feel

my heart is like an old camera

playing just your reel


these emotions, these anxieties

my life's like a deck of cards

which YOU are dealing

and in this pandemonium of thoughts

i say out loud


( what's this feeling?)

singing to these flowers

dancing in the rain

everything seems to be bright

nothing seems to be a pain

everything seems to be healing

and in this overflow of absurdity

i say out loud


(what's this feeling?)

whats the sun trying to say

which direction is this wind blowing

why is the sky smiling

whats the ocean concealing

in this moment of complete chaos

i say out loud


( what's this feeling?)

the sky is kneeling

the wind's squealing

the trees , the flowers are reeling

and i am failing concealing

and all i can do is

cry out loud



What's this feeling?

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