Wednesday, December 22, 2010

100% Smile....Copyright ©

If the 100% brings a smile to your face
who am I to take it away
If that's where your path is
who am I to make you sway

what i have felt with you
was and is divine
the thought of it still makes me smile
and since you have your heart
in the completeness of it all
let your 100% smile
be the Gift of the Nile

Just like The three wise men
who wandered this earth
let me be wise too and
make this a moment of happiness for you
a moment of mirth

its been a pleasure being with you
and i don't want it to go
maybe its too hard for me
but i already promised you
that i will never show

your smile has an effect on me
it makes me alive again
and it gives me the power
to fully use the gift of the pen
i had wished you never took that away
i had wished you would smile
at me always the same way

but do not take this otherwise
i am only trying to be wise
the words and the poetic semblance
are a solace
and a vent
even though not complete
even though not 100%
even though not 100%
even though not 100%

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