Saturday, December 18, 2010

Quality Check....for your heart! Copyright ©

Have you ever been rejected?
have you ever wondered why
was it because you had no
preventive actions in place
or was it because you
never corrected the non- conformance
which the previous surveillance audit
had raised

you made your process
you made the policy
the statement was formed
to which every department agreed
you took into account the do's and dont's
you set a target to meet your wants
but you forgot the linchpin of the
management machinery
the very soul which would
make it "free"
your heart is made with feelings my dear
no action would 'prevent' it to love
no audit can stamp it 'rejected'
no one can wrap it in the 'rejected' glove

let your heart be free and bold
let it restructure its own machinery
you will then understand
that the preventive action was not even needed
you would swim through any audit without being heeded
because the difference between your heart and the process
is just that it knows only how to love
let it love , let it be affected
then there is no twin bladed sword
of being ' accepted' or 'rejected'
let every being be told
you heart is not made of steel
its made of 24 karat gold!
made of 24 karat
made of 24 karat gold.

Lead Auditor ISO 14001:2004
Certificate # 14085
Issue date : 11/9/2010

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