Thursday, December 23, 2010

Belated Happy Birthday....Copyright ©

I did not wish thee
On your Birthday
but I did not forget
I was only waiting to
tell you on this day
so that when all have wished
i can silently and purely pray
and exclusively say
Happy Birthday...Happy Birthday

Let me tell you this thing
on this day
that your so called special day has past
but i raise my sails of words today
and hoist the mast
so that each day you read this
is special as The day
and not just a worldly mold
made of clay
Happy Birthday....Happy Birthday

Men would have sung of your beauty
and women would have been jealous
when they saw you in your Birthday dress
when you would have looked precious
may my words have the same
resounding vibration and sing of the same
may they be beads of the necklace
and the string holding your flowing mane
may they flow in the same for as your hips sway
Happy Birthday.....Happy Birthday

So today
May be late
may be of no importance
may be of no value
of no resemblance
to YOUR special day
but still...
this day I pray
and say...
Happy Birthday..Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday..Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday..Happy Birthday.!!!

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