Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Conquering the Summit: Victory or Loss?Copyright ©

English translation of a previously posted Hindi poem

my throat was dry
my mind was wary
my chest was full
and the incessant falling
was scary
i clearly remember my confidence
and the neighing of my winning horse
the undulating path and the uncertain course
my pace was smooth
and my concentration was
on the summit
this time i had to reach it
and not plummet
i had the flag in one hand
and was running alone and was bold
as i had to shine the "me"
from "me" to Gold

when i reached the summit
there was only sand
apparently ,
slipping away from my hand
there were cries and i was alone
my spine was chilled to the bone
they said
whatever you wanted to do alone
you have done
in your quest you have
deserted everyone
you have hoisted your flag
and inked your name in history
but how many are part of
your victory?
you never took anyone with you
neither your companions
nor your friends
you always ran after
setting trends

now look at you
you are all alone up there
the world sings your glory
but the life you could have lived
you never did
and now you are all alone
and haggard and
that's how you fared

" i have won the battle
and all alone
my eyes show the twinkle
of the victory done
when i started on this quest
i had asked you to come with me
but you chose to
remain in the calmness
and not challenge the storm
and now you have the cheek to
say these things about the
victory i have born?"

up here, my so called friends
the clear air is so refreshing
the sun smiles at me
and the clouds sing
and who says i am all alone
i am with "me"
and shining like no one shone
and this sweet sound of victory
is resounding in the foreground
and those like you, who cannot take it
are , as usual
cursing in the background
my laughter is defiance
but i am also bowed down
humbly in front of the creator
and reaping his blessings

whoever needs to be with me
is with me
and so is their smile, their joy
their happiness, their glee
those heads are bowed down before me
who once would roar at me
those tongues are tied
who never left a chance
to throw a brickbat at me
i have given birth to life
by the blood and sweat
i have shed
it makes me happy
no matter how much i have bled

so , hey you
who dreams of flying high
forget the oncoming winds
and just let your sight on the sky
the ones who ought to be with you
will be
and those who don't
let them be
you never let your eyes
of the targeted goal
remember the lion
walks alone
but the fish in a shoal
if you wish to climb
that mountain of victory
let nothing shake you
climb and be free
climb and be free
climb and be free

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