Monday, December 13, 2010

Reflection....Copyright ©

What do u do when

You meet your reflection

When it’s not natural

But God’s selection

What do you do when

That reflection has the

Power to look right

Through you

When it has the audacity to

Shake your beliefs

To take away the sorrow

And all your griefs...

You sit near the water and

Let it flow through you

Let the placidity soothe


You dance in the presence

And you embrace it


And pray to the almighty...

What’s wrong with being

in love with yourself

When your reflection

Is what you revere

That reflection is what I met today

I wanted to embrace her

But it went away


What do I doif I want her back

To gaze through her eyes

At myself...

I wait till she shows up again

Till then

I smile at the remains

And bathe in her soothing rain...

I know it will come back

Till then

Let the introduction to myself

Be the soothing rain

Be the soothing rain

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