Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Nothing More.....Copyright ©

I know my words do not have
a price tag
they are not jewels or diamonds
in a bag...
but if they make you smile
and make you jump
i know i have the precious gift
the Gift of the Nile.....

jewels you'll have and
diamonds you'll wear
and look amazing
in a white dress..i swear
but words are all i can give you
and word only i will
that's all i can to
make you thrill

let my words be the holding
string of the jewels you'll adorn
let they be the soul
when to ' I do ' you'll be sworn
may they be the hem of your skirt
flowers you hold
and may they be a part of your beauty
and let the whole world behold

when you will be on that altar
to be duly wed to Mr So and So
may my words sing
of the happiness which will grow
may those words
be a prayer for your life
and may they be the
groomsmen of whom you'll be the wife

may my words be the
toys for your children
to make them smile
and make them laugh
just like they did to their mother

all these words are just
what is left in me that is pure
sure they don't have a price tag
but i have only these
nothing more..
nothing more
nothing more...

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