Saturday, July 3, 2010

I do....Will do.......! Copyright ©

These are no coincidences

This is not fate

The holding hands

The increased heart rate

These skipped beats

The glow on my face

And the way

You embrace

These are no coincidences

These were meant to be

My breaths, the redness on my face

My smiling for no reason

My shyness and my anxiety too

All want to say at once

I Do

I Do!

I know you will hold me tight

Even when without a reason, I fight

I know you will wipe my tears

And shoo away all my fears

I know you will have faith in me

And at times just let me be

I know you have stepped from heaven

To make me yours

And I will hold your hand till

Right from the start

I will be your shield

Till death do us apart

I will make every frown

Of yours into smiles

Whether you stay away

Miles and miles

I will always miss you

And again I want to say

I Do

I Do!

Let’s take our vows

Together in a unique way

And never let them go astray

Let’s make all around us smile

With the togetherness we share

As I know this thing between us

Is so rare

My love, my companion

My sweetheart

No matter what I did

No matter what I ever do

I will always stay by you

And say again and again


I Do

I Do!

Thank you for saying

Those words for which I waited

For which I never had to woo

Thank you for the smiles

You spread in my life

For the flowers carpeted

Along the paths, for the love which grew

For all the brightness on your face

For all the amazing grace

For the words you so purely uttered

By which like a butterfly

My heart fluttered

I have something to say to you

You said I Do……..

I close my eyes, bow a little and say

“Will” Do…

“Will” Do…..

All that you ask for, my love

All that you ever say

All that you ever put your finger on

Every day

“Will” Do……

Your smiles shall be the sunshine

Shall be the hope

Your tears shall be pearls

Which never shed, I hope

Your love shall be my shield

Your faith my only arrow

We shall make it through

Happy times and through sorrow

Anything for you………..

“Will” Do…..

“Will” Do…..

I Promise I shall win the world for you

I promise I shall win it all

With your support and love

I promise against all odds

I shall stand tall

Give me your hand

I will give you mine

Let’s make this union

Holy and divine

My entire world

Is painted around you

You say ……I Do…

I say…”Will” do….

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