Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I still believe in fairy tales..... Copyright ©.

I still believe in fairy tales

Where I can climb

The largest peaks

And swim with

Giant whales

Where I can be the prince

And take her on my pacing steed

The flowered path

Would, to my castle, lead

I still believe!

I still believe in dreams

However absurd it seems

Of wizards and magic wands

Of unicorns and placid ponds

I still believe in

Seemingly impossible dreams

Because I believe in houses made of

Lollipops, chocolates and ice creams.

Whenever a negative thought comes to my mind

Or I feel I am loosing in this grind

I close my eyes and play a song

And dream of this fancy world

Where nothing goes wrong

Where I can pick up a color

And paint any picture I want

Where I can take any form

And where i can wear

the attitude I want to flaunt.

Let my imagination run loose

And fit my feet in any shoes

Oh! What a world I create

Without corruption, without hate

And without the intervention of fate

All this I can conceive

And the only reason is

Because I believe.

These simple things

Lack in my life

So I close my eyes

Very often these days

And let myself

Rise above this incessant maze

Feel free and not pretend

And laugh to my heart’s content

And lo and behold

The painting in the dream

Comes to life

All that I want, without strife

Without pain, without grief

And all this, I know……because…..

I believe!

I still believe!

1 comment:

Tarun Sharma said...

nice post.....

The world of imagination is still my utopia...

reading ur poem was lyk living in that world again...

luved it !