Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spare Tyre ! Copyright ©.

I have felt this for years

And kept silent

But when one of your biggest fears

Comes alive

You cannot just let your

Personality burn

In the funeral pyre

And keep feeling like

A spare tyre!

Kept in the back seat

Of someone’s car

Till the deep treads

Of the other four fade away

And can only go so far!

Your services are needed

And you are expected to

Perform in the same manner

As the newbies did

You feel cheated.

You were a new one once

Shining and treading along

With shining chrome wheels

And feeling strong.

Not anymore,are you the

First choice

You are called when there is a need

To give others a rest

Or when in emergency

The others bleed.

You are expected to smile

And to run at the same speed

Gosh! No more

Will I let this happen to me

Be the second when the first ones flee

I have this strong desire

Of never feeling again

Like a spare tyre.

Either take my skin and put

It to other use

I don’t deserve to be

Second hand anymore

The one you can refuse

Or sell me to another car

Who will respect me

The way I am

And understand

What pressure I could once withstand

I won’t let you insult me anymore

Cuz I know more than me

You need me more

Look into my eyes

And see the fire

Cuz I won’t let you again

Make me feel

Like a spare tyre !

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