Monday, April 5, 2010

Poetry or Cocaine ? Copyright ©.

A vent, a safety valve

A get away

To a world which we want to dream

Picture perfect which we want to create

And life on cruise control

Trans-ported to a place of utopia

And the way we want it to “roll”

A place where we hold the reigns

And move at a particular pace

To have the sun shine

And at, will switch it off

And to be able

To turn on the tap, so it rains

A place of beauty, love and

Unadulterated joy

No hardship, no setback and no pain

I had two options at hand

Poetry or cocaine.

Spread it out and make a line

Either the paper or the powder

Make a stiff roll and get ready

Either A pen in your hand

Or with excitement shout out louder

To sniff it with a single breath

The essence of the earth

And put it down

Or take in the angel of death

The choice is always ours

To use our creative brains

And put it on pen and paper

Or for the same effect

Get hooked to the “ magic” mix

And forever be in addictive chains.

Without thinking ,we delve ourselves,

Of the loss or gain

But we seldom know the choice

What to choose

Poetry or cocaine.

“Do both” they said to me

Like the people who did it

And came up with amazing lyrics

Pop , rock and reggae music

I said

“All I need is a vent to the freshness

The high of being free in the openness

To create that state where I am me

Where everything is floating and free

The greatest escape

With no worldly protocols or red tape

Why should I be a slave?

And ruin the life that He gave

Why to “sniff” and die

When I can just imagine, write it down, and fly”

The choice was mine

Simple and plain

Choose which is beautiful, healthy and sane

And not a transporter of death, misery and pain

And I chose

Poetry over cocaine

Poetry over cocaine

Poetry over cocaine !

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siddharth said...

Awesome Dhyani Awesome brother too good...